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Thermal Camera Solution in Dubai Abudhabi

High Accuracy Body Temperature Thermal Camera Solution

In the recent situation of Covid-19, it is important to make proper monitoring of temperature in our surroundings. Technodots IT Solutions provides high accuracy thermal camera and access control solution in offices, malls, hospitals and clinic premises. Also we are specialized in providing thermal solutions to schools and colleges in a reasonable amount.

Fever Sensing Camera System

Thermal Camera Solution UAE
Thermal Camera Solution in Dubai Abudhabi

Our high quality temperature camera system enables fast, non-contact, real time inspection of parts on the production line or in-service. It enables fastest, contact less and instantaneous examination of temperature on human body in a non-stop environment. It permits rapid finding and notify the authorities for high temperature as well as people without wearing the face mask in a fast manner.

Benefits of Thermal Camera System:

  • Body fever discovery combined for precise identification. Also with facial recognition it gives more clarity.
  • Rapid sound alarms makes authorities to take action rapidly.
  • Data fed onto a unified stage speedily for effective supervision.

Contact out expert team for the full range of thermal solutions on 04 8746983 or [email protected]

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